Participant finds connection in camping experience

Upon arriving at Camp Barnard, I knew I was going to have a time like I’ve never had before. Spending a couple of nights in nature with a group of great people, all while doing a range of activities blended in the beautiful green atmosphere, gave me a sense of what nature can offer.

For me specifically one of the things I cherished about it was the spiritual growing and learning about myself and others in a relaxed and peaceful environment. No judgement, no having to worry. It was knowing everyone’s got your back and that was a relief in more ways than one. You can’t get much better than that in my book.

What I enjoyed the most was the conversations and general time spent together as a group. For someone like me who needs that more in their life, it really uplifts you and makes you appreciate every second spent. The activities were fun too. I felt they were a way to loosen up and just have a fun time. What I felt at Camp Barnard was inclusion and happiness and at peace with myself and everyone else.

When we were about to leave and disperse for Victoria on the last day, it really hit me that for this weekend that I experienced, the group was also my family too. This was the only sad part, but to put a positive spin on it, a memorable goodbye.

So all in all, going to Camp Barnard with amazing Power To Be staff and participants like myself who I made friends with was a rebirth in my life and great time overall.

 – Story shared by Cam, Adaptive Recreation participant