Power To Be teams up with Light Right for Santa Light Parade

Power To Be was delighted to participate in this year’s Santa Light Parade. We teamed up with Victoria-based Light Right to decorate a program van and our 29-foot canoe in the theme of giving the gift of nature. The day started early with the first snowfall of the year. James and Alex from LightRight worked quickly to string lights around the float.



Complete with trees in the canoe and bears in the tent, the float came together with the help of Adaptive Recreation and Wilderness School participants and some hot apple cider. 20141204-Santa-Light-Parade-4

When the float was done, the Power To Be group moved downtown to join the other 72 floats in the parade this year. With festive music playing and Government Street lined with people, we made our way through the route. From the crowd came words of support.

“I love Power To Be!” exclaimed one boy.

 “Look at the canoe…. Wow that’s a big canoe!” added more than one person.


We want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us put our float together, especially to James and Alex from Light Right for generously making our ideas glow!  

Check out more photos on our Facebook page and see the float on video here (fast forward to the 45 second mark to find us).