Inspiring recovery leads to giving back

Sitting on the beach, with the ocean in front of her and kind people around her, Jasmine Parr’s perspective shifted. It was her first day as a participant with Power To Be Adventure Therapy, and looking back, it is clear to her that her collective experience with the organization served as the catalyst she needed to get back into nature and back into her community.

Growing roots in the community

As the youth created art from carefully dyed felted wool, the sheep it was taken from wandered outside of the window. That’s the magic of Providence Farm, where people come together to learn about and from the land.  

Power To Be Director of Programs named Top 20 Under 40

Power To Be Adventure Therapy’s Director of Programs Jason Cole has been honoured alongside the top business leaders on Vancouver Island. Cole’s commitment to community and mentoring young professionals earned him a Top 20 Under 40 Award, presented Saturday, March 14 in Courtenay, B.C.

The value of giving back

For Summit Leadership Program participants Sadie and Shaheen, it’s all about learning how to give back. Teamed up with four of their peers, the pair helped navigate a young man in a trail rider to China Beach.

From garden to plate

With the sun shinning and the worms wriggling, Power To Be Adaptive Recreationparticipants dug into the gardens at Coast Collective Art Centre for a day of connecting to the land and sharing a meal together.

Nature transforms

I became involved with Power To Be in Vancouver in 2004, when I was nine years old. There are three very specific memories that I can recall quite clearly that stick out as almost surreal among all the great memories I have with Power To Be's Adaptive Recreation program. 

Growing up with Power To be

It can be as simple as watching a blade of grass or as powerful as kayaking through the salty sea. In those moments, a connection grows between nature, self and others. It’s moments like that keep drawing Gaby Emmett back to Power To Be.

Power To Be launches Summit Leadership Program

A new year brings new beginnings for Power To Be. This January Wilderness School is kicking off the Summit Leadership Program* – an eight-week experience designed to reengage Wilderness School graduates with curriculum aimed at increasing their outdoor knowledge and leadership skills.

Happy holidays from Power To Be

What a wonderful year 2014 has been for Power To Be. With cherished program memories, new opportunities in nature, and record-breaking fundraising successes, the year is definitely one worth celebrating.