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Contributions that provide support on the water

Kayaking has been part of Power To Be’s program offering for over 20 years, and during that time we have explored the waters around Victoria and Vancouver. Thanks to recent support from the BC Rehab Foundation and the Quiet Cove Foundation, we are ready to continue our exploration with new and updated equipment.

Go Explore: Durrance Lake

A staple within the CRD for families and summertime dippers, Durrance Lake has more to offer than a place to catch some sun. As one of the few lakes within the Mount Work Regional Park, it is the most accessible with a parking lot close to the lake, and a wide graveled trail along the Northside with washrooms, picnic benches, small beaches, and an accessible fishing dock where you can catch smallmouth bass and cutthroat trout.

Volunteer Spotlight: Daniella

Since volunteering with adaptive recreation programming in Vancouver, Daniella has provided support for a diversity of participants. With her charismatic and personable approach, she consistently helps create a safe and social space on programs.

Holiday Have A Go Day

2019 has seen lots of fun-filled, outdoor adventures at our Have A Go Day events. To wrap up the year, we invite you to join us for a Holiday Have A Go, where we will be getting festive and enjoying activities such as hiking, stories, a campfire, and a chance to explore the forest of our Prospect Lake site.
Adaptive Recreation

A TRON Adventure to Croteau Lake

Not one adventure is ever the same as one that came before. You can go to the same place, but the experience is always different. For this trip, our goal was to provide a family with a unique wilderness experience. To achieve this, connection and collaboration between several groups was essential and, as we discovered, enriching for everyone involved.
Adaptive Recreation

A Community of Belonging

Power To Be exists beyond the four walls of any given building, beyond the structure of a day hike, beyond the flurry of activity at Power To Play. It exists in every person who supports, participates, works, volunteers, advocates for, and champions Power To Be.
Adaptive Recreation

You belong in nature and so do I.

I have had a phenomenal experience with Power To Be. With only 1% of my vision remaining, I felt that I couldn’t do many of the outdoor activities that I had always enjoyed. However, Power To Be has helped me to reclaim my relationship with the outdoors and has been a big part of my journey of self-discovery in trying to navigate life without vision.

Volunteer Spotlight: D’Arcy

D’Arcy has been a volunteer superstar from the very first day she joined us in November 2018. Always going above and beyond to ensure that a task is completed with diligence, care, and creativity, D’Arcy consistently brought fresh ideas and stepped up to tackle new projects within the Marketing and Communications department.

Go Explore: Mount Douglas Park

A year-round hiking staple in the city of Victoria, Mount Douglas Park is full of raw wilderness and breathtaking views of the cityscape, ocean, and beyond. If you’re looking to picnic, paint, or play, the park has something for anyone and everyon...

Hooksum Outdoor School: An immersive learning adventure

Recently, I was very fortunate to be sent by Power To Be to Hooksum Outdoor School to receive additional waterfront and surf lifeguard training in arguably one of the most beautiful places on the island. Hooksum offers a completely immersive experience, unlike anything you can experience in the city. At Power To Be we value the power that experiential education has to provide, and the rich learning experience that contributes to the retention of knowledge. Hooksum outdoor school provides just that.