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Power To Be and Nature Bee: Limited Edition Beeswax Wraps

Power To Be was presented with an exciting opportunity to partner with Nature Bee to create custom Beeswax wraps where 15% of the proceeds are donated to Power To Be. The timing was perfect as Nature Bee celebrates their 5th anniversary this year, and Power To Be celebrates our 25th! We caught up with Katie Gamble, Founder of Nature Bee, to share more about Nature Bee and what makes their products so special!
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Carinna

In the bustling summer months of programs and services at Power To Be, when the needs of our community can sometimes seem overwhelming and answers sometimes elusive, there emerges a guiding light, a beacon of wisdom and warmth that goes by the name Carinna.
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Brittany

TEST TO SEE WHAT IS HERE   Brittany has been a participant with Power To Be in Vancouver for five years, and in that time, describes having experiences that created incredible, incomparable life impacts, for Brittany and for others. Brittany says, “Power To Be has helped me to gain confidence and work more to help my community,” and shares about giving back by intentionally building community and offering support.

Power To Be’s Quarterly Impact Report – Q2 2023

This spring, as wildlife remerged and flowers bloomed, we found new and collaborative ways to spread our mission and share our site with the larger community. As laughter echoed through the trees, we embraced the spirit of spring and dove into exploration and adventure at Power To Be. Check out our Q2 Impact Report to learn more about our programs, collaborations, upcoming events, and community impact!

Have A Go Days with Power To Be – Past, Present, and Future

Over the years, many people in our communities have had the chance to visit Have A Go Days – a free, open-invite, no-registration, drop-in opportunity to visit us, try out Power To Be’s programs, and meet our community partners. As we reflect on our past 25 years, now is a great time to share the story of Have A Go Days in both Victoria and Vancouver: where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’d like to go.

Volunteer Spotlight: Josée

Power To Be’s programs would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers who bring their spirit, skills, and smiles on every adventure. Among this dedicated group of volunteers is Josée McGeough, whose personal journey with Power To Be began decades ago when a chance encounter with a stranger changed the course of her life.

Staff Spotlight: Graham

Meet Graham, a multi-talented adventurer, experienced outdoor guide, instructor, and passionate advocate for accessible outdoor experiences. In his role as Training and Facilitation Lead, Graham finds immense fulfillment in sharing his skills with others.