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Program Outcome: Emotional & Mental Health

We believe that spending time in nature fuels the body, guides the heart, and mends the soul. With the addition of a welcoming community, a safe place, and a large dash of playfulness we believe Power To Be programs can have a positive impact on the mental and emotional health of our participants, volunteers and staff.
Pathway To Possibility

Creating a Pathway to Possibility

D’Arcy Mahoney talks about her family’s path with Power To Be and how our programs have created new opportunities for her son Nathan, building a foundation of confidence as he continues to flourish and embrace the magic of nature.

Power To Be’s Quarterly Impact Report – Q3 2021

What a summer it was! At Power To Be, our team was incredibly excited to deliver an array of programming to our community and spend some time paddling, hiking, camping, and soaking up the sun. With volunteers jumping back in to support in person, exciting new partnerships taking place, and another amazing event, this summer was one to remember!
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Family Roots Volunteers

Our Family Roots volunteers are an incredible group of individuals that radiate the warmth and connection at the heart of this program. Through immersion in the outdoors, our dedicated group of Family Roots volunteers adventure, play, and grow alongside families to strengthen bonds, increase well-being, and promote resiliency.  

Virtual Knowledge Sharing with Foundry

In 2020, Power To Be formed a new partnership with Foundry. Foundry is a province-wide network of integrated health and social service centres for young people ages 12-24. As we all adapted to life through a virtual platform, the idea came to run an “Educational Workshop Series” that Foundry staff could attend from anywhere in BC.

Creating a Living Building at Prospect Lake

At Power To Be, we believe everyone belongs in nature, without barriers and without limitations. We are thrilled with the progress being made on our new Prospect Lake build, which will provide a permanent home for our participants, volunteers, and staff to thrive in an accessible and welcoming environment.

Program Outcome: Social Skills

At Power To Be, one of our Theory of Change program outcomes is “Social Skills”. This acknowledges the importance of creating space and opportunity through our programs for participants, staff and volunteers to connect with each other. We strive to have a safe space that allows folks to practice social interactions, learn, teach, grow and develop healthy relationships.

Partners Fostering Para-athletes

As the hype continues after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this is the time to enjoy the strength and ability of the Paralympic athletes. Locally in BC we have some phenomenal organizations who work with Para- athletes year round. Through coaching one on one to fostering groups of athletes these organizations become part of the fabric of the athletes’ lives and a part of their community.
The People of Power To Be


What can I say about Ashleigh that hasn’t already been said? Well in a word… Wow! Ashleigh’s unwavering commitment to the team, volunteers, participants and the entire Power To Be community is incredible!

Program Outcome: Environmental Literacy

At Power To Be we often refer to nature as a “co-facilitator” to our programs. The natural environment we explore provides not only the setting, but the lessons, the adventure, the playfulness, and the space to heal or ground ourselves.