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From the Sea to the Sky

Power To Be’s partnership model centers on engaging other sectors and industries, including tourism partners such as the Sea To Sky Gondola. When we first met the amazing team at the Gondola, we were taking our participants to their site and their staff were so excited to meet us and welcomed us with true authenticity.

Power To Be’s Quarterly Update – Q2 2021

It was an action-packed spring at Power To Be, and we ramped up our programs and offered new opportunities to experience the magic of the outdoors. We are excited to continue offering adventures that bring our community together in the spirit of nature and inclusion. Check out all the excitement that happened during Q2, and learn more about our programs, our events, our supporters, and our impact!
The People of Power To Be

A Practicum Placement with Power To Be

A volunteer with Power To Be since 2014, Nate has supported the organization in many capacities. When the opportunity presented itself to join Power To Be's Marketing & Communications team as a volunteer practicum student as a requirement for school, Nate was all in. Read more about his experience contributing and learning at Power To Be.

The Ten Essentials

When you are headed outdoors for an adventure, it is essential that you bring along things that you need to keep you safe in the outdoors. These things are typically known in the Outdoor Industry as “The Ten Essentials”. There are a whole variety of different versions of “The Ten Essentials”, but they can all be broken down to the ten essential categories of items to pack. Check out our list and use it a guide to help you pack everything you need for your next adventure.

Program Outcome: Inclusion Understanding

The Inclusion Understanding outcome of our Theory of Change has many layers to it as it aims to promote acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for diversity, culture, and abilities of our community. This is both for the individual’s sense of self and of those around them.

Program Outcome: Sense of Belonging

Creating a sense of belonging is the heart and soul of Power To Be. We believe that Everyone Belongs in Nature, which means our nature-based programs are meant to be a space where everyone can be their authentic selves.

Skiing my way through Groan and Growth

Hello! My name is Steph, and I am a Program Facilitator for PTB in the Vancouver office. While I’ve been working as a staff member with Power To Be since the spring of 2019 (after having volunteered for a year), this past winter I took a step away from the PTB community and made a giant leap into the interior of B.C., to a small mountain town called “Revelstoke”.

Bags of Change

Do you regularly walk, roll or stroll around your neighbourhood, beach or forest? Are you searching for a way to make a direct impact on our communities and see change right before our eyes? Well, I encourage you to considering ‘plalking’! plalking: picking up trash while walking.

Nurturing Family Bonds in Nature

2021 marks the thirteenth year of the Family Roots program, where we hold space, alongside our partners at Human Nature Counselling Society, for families to come together in nature to nurture family bonds and build community.

Intern Spotlight: Damith

Damith joined our team as the Systems Administrator Intern in February of this year to complete a 6-month internship for his Master’s program, and he has settled right in as a core member of the team. He chose to work with Power To Be for his internship because he loves the mission-based work that we do.