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Power To Be’s Quarter 2 Update

Power To Be is pleased to present the Quarter 2 update for 2020. Find out what’s been happening over the past 3 months as we've adapted to new and challenging circumstances, and what’s new with our organization. See the impact of Power To Be, read about our virtual programs, learn more about how we're continuing to support our community, and explore what’s coming up. Click the button below to check it out!

Let’s Bake! Whole Wheat Bread Edition

Whether you are new to baking or a seasoned veteran in the kitchen, knowing how to make your own bread is a tasty and useful skill to have. In this blog, you will learn how to make your own loaf of whole wheat bread, with alternatives and substitutes to suit your palette.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Steph Wood

From dedicated Volunteer to Program Facilitator, Steph’s journey at Power To Be has been one of growth. Steph naturally stepped into the role of a Program Facilitator last summer and has since taken on coordinating Vancouver’s volunteers and their program experience. One might say, she has come full circle!

Adventures Made Possible with RBC Foundation

RBC Foundation has been a valued and long-time supporter of Power To Be. In 2019, RBC supported Power To Be with a grant from the RBC Future Launch program as well as funding for internal capacity enhancement. RBC Future Launch empowers the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow, making it a great fit for Power To Be's Wilderness School.

Power To Summit: A 10-year Anniversary Celebration

Mount Kilimanjaro is an adventurer’s dream. Few have had the opportunity to venture to the summit of this legendary volcano. However, in 2010, a group of passionate Power To Be supporters banded together and set out on the adventure of a lifetime, Power To Climb. This group of 12 people was going to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, to encourage inclusion in the outdoors.

Get Growing with Power To Be

The City of Victoria is collaborating with community partners and non-profit organizations to provide vegetable and herb seedlings to those who need help most, and Power To Be has the great pleasure of being one of those organizations. 

Power To Be’s Virtual Programs

With disruptions to our typical programs due to COVID-19, the Power To Be team has been working to maintain connections with our participants and ensure that our community feels supported during this challenging time. One of the ways we are continuing to engage with our participants is by holding virtual programs. These programs consist of story sharing of favorite trip memories, what we’re doing now to stay connected to nature, nature-based activities and challenges, and just generally a free-flowing dialogue of check-ins on how we’re doing.

Access and Inclusion Enhanced Through Collaboration

Working in synergy can have tremendous power and benefits that extend into many spectrums of connection. When we work with others, we become stronger and are able to represent wider audiences and perspectives. One person or organization cannot create belonging and connection in isolation. To get to the true root of impact, Power To Be partners with others.

Power To Be Staff Favourites

During this time, many people are exploring new activities and hobbies and finding fun ways to spend their days, including Power To Be‘s staff team! Looking for some new ideas? Check out some of our program staff’s favourite shows, books, snacks, ...

Make your own gummy bears

While spending more time at home, I have tried a number of new recipes. I love finding new treats that are both fun to make and fun to eat, and what better discovery than gummy bears! They are super simple. All you need is a bit of flavor, some ge...