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Increasing Accessibility: Masks with Ellen

Ellen has created hundreds upon hundreds of masks to date. Including a windowed face mask set for Power To Be’s program team. “Power To Be is an ideal client for me, I have a tendency to always think about accessibility and I’m so excited to have their team utilizing the masks,” says Ellen. Power To Be staff have been using the windowed masks while on program to increase accessibility.
Season Of Gratitude

Get outside and hike this fall!

We are truly fortunate to have such a broad selection of spectacular hiking areas so close at hand. But the beauty of living in Canada is that regardless of where you may reside, there is more than likely a beautiful spot of nature for you to explore right in your own backyard.

Capturing the Beauty of Nature

Our program team has always played with the idea of starting a “Nature Photography” program, but most of our staff don’t know their way around a camera. Enter Glenn: a long-time Power To Be volunteer, bird expert, professional photographer, and generally awesome human. Glenn agreed to help facilitate a Nature Photography program, and that’s when the magic really started to happen.

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Cookies

Ingredients assembled and spatula in hand, I put my culinary skills to the test! What resulted was a semi-messy, but yummy treat – think oatmeal cookie meets puff wheat square. My favourite part about these cookies is the fact that they are no-bake. They take five minutes to make, and they’re a great grab-and-go snack to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Power To Be’s Quarter 3 Update

Be sure to check out Power To Be's Quarter 3 update for 2020. Find out what happened this summer as we began offering some new avenues for programs, hosted a new event, and launched our very own store. See the impact of Power To Be, learn more about how we're continuing to support our community, find out what's new with our organization, and explore what’s coming up.

Celebrating Frontline Workers

This month, Power To Be wanted to say “thank you” to the frontline workers in our community for their dedication and hard work over these unprecedented months. Through the support of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, we provided opportunities for families to explore together and spend quality time immersed in nature.
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Amber

May I introduce to you an extraordinary person: Amber Rainshadow. Approximately 12 years ago Amber was looking for an organization that supported adaptive recreation and discovered Power To Be. Once Amber’s intake process into our programming was complete, she has not looked back.

Riding Our Roots

Liam Zahara and Mateo Everitt have committed to an incredible journey in support of Power To Be. Starting next week, they will be cycling and camping 1400 kilometres through parts of Alberta and across British Columbia. Friends since kindergarten, Liam and Mateo both grew up on Bowen Island and have always been avid outdoor enthusiasts. With both Liam and Mateo having been involved with Power To Be in the past, they are excited to start their adventure as they push their bodies to new limits to support our programs and allow others to access nature.

Get Cooking: Vegetarian Red Lentil Curry

With fall quickly approaching, I have found new motivation to explore new recipes in the kitchen. Specifically healthy cooking, and cooking meals that won’t take a whole lot of time. Luckily, my slow cooker has been my saving grace! This recipe, in particular, is one of my go-to’s, as it’s easy to prep, easier to cook, and delicious. It’s also made from all fresh ingredients, and it’s vegetarian. The best part is, this recipe yields a large serving size and doesn’t lose its quality when reheated, so it’s great for leftovers the next day!

Stewarding relationships, environmental awareness, advocacy, and nature literacy for all

For the success of creating long-lasting connections and change, it is vital that we align and work closely with organizations doing amazing environmental stewardship work. Two partners Power To Be has worked with in our programs to move this notion of stewardship and education forward is The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society in Vancouver and Habitat Acquisition Trust in Victoria.