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Power To Be’s Quarterly Update – Q1 2021

As we embarked on a brand new year, already many memories, exploration, and milestones have taken place. This quarter we continued exploring nature with our community through virtual programs, family bubble programs, and one-on-one adventures. With progress in our new build at Prospect Lake, and with Power To Summit and a Spring store launch just around the corner, we can't wait for all of the incredible opportunities on the horizon. We invite you to keep reading and soak up all the inspiration, creativity, and energy that fills Power To Be.

Western Screech-Owl study in partnership with Habitat Acquisition Trust

As part of our stewardship of the land at Prospect Lake, we want to support species’ habitats and population growth. That’s why we've partnered with Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) to support their study of the current state of owl populations in our wooded areas — especially the Western Screech-Owl.

Program Outcome: Nature Access

We are strong believers that time spent in nature has the power to positively influence our mental, physical and spiritual health. Through our programs, we strive to support participants access these personal benefits by creating opportunities to be in nature.

Program Outcome: Outdoor Proficiency & Confidence

Through our programs, we support participants to learn and practice new skills in a safe and inclusive space. We then hope for participants to continue practicing more complex skills and building their confidence. Our hope is that with this support participants are then able to take their skills to the point of independence in the activity.

Power To Be’s Theory of Change

Program evaluation at Power To Be is an important organizational practice. Monitoring and tracking of program outcomes, participant satisfaction, and program intentions are used to evaluate, inform, and improve program quality while also informing our stakeholders and industry partners on themes, trends, and best practices.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Manue

Manue is a member of the Program Team in Vancouver and has been bringing her passion for the Power To Be community since 2017. Manue’s ability to connect with those around her is unrivaled and she is persistent in ensuring every voice is heard. Always putting participants at the heart of her practice, Manue is constantly finding ways to improve Power To Be’s program offerings.

Reaching New Heights with Virtual Programming

In a special virtual program offering earlier this month, Power To Be virtually travelled with one of our community groups, Spinal Cord Injury BC, to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. What made this program particularly special was that it was led by dedicated Power To Be volunteer, Karun Thanjavar, and Pippa Blake. As our humble tour guides, they shared their personal story of an epic journey to Everest Basecamp using a TrailRider.

Sustainability Action with One Planet

Power To Be’s belief that ‘everyone belongs in nature’ is a core component of everything that we do, and every decision that we make as an organization. We understand that encouraging and supporting others to get outside and into nature can have an impact on our environment, and as such, we wish to mitigate our environmental and ecological footprint as best we can. We are proud to be taking sustainability action in our community by being a part of the One Planet Saanich initiative.

Gratitude for Place

For the past 4 years the Power To Be team has been building a relationship with the land that makes up our Prospect Lake site. We have learned about its history. We give gratitude to the WSANEC, Malahat and Lekwungen peoples who have graciously shared teachings and oral histories of the land and ancestors.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Monique

Monique joined the Power To Be volunteer team in 2018, bringing her passion for community and the environment to our programs. Being outside and in nature is Monique’s happy place and she has a natural gift of sharing and spreading her love of the outdoors with staff and participants alike.