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Geocaching: A Fun and Adventurous Way to Explore the Outdoors

Are you looking for a fun way to explore the outdoors? Have you heard of geocaching? It's a worldwide activity with many thousands of community members participating in hundreds of countries. People hide containers called caches and then share the GPS coordinates with others, who then use their own GPS devices to try to find them afterward. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold or jewels, you find trinkets, notes, or other small items left behind by previous seekers.

Power To Be’s Quarterly Impact Report – Q4 2022

In Fall 2022, Power To Be enjoyed lots of time learning and exploring in nature. Our programs were in full swing this fall with tons of adventures, collaborations, and behind-the-scenes action happening at Power To Be. The team is feeling settled in our new home, with staff, participants, and volunteers using the site as we discover the potential of our new buildings and its resources.

Sharing our Knowledge: NatureKids Workshop

Magic happens when you bring together organizations with shared passion. Staff and volunteer club leaders from NatureKids BC joined us virtually to learn about making the outdoors more accessible for all. We are passionate about our mission and know that for everyone to belong in nature, we need to work with partners to move the inclusion movement forward.
Practice Programs

Colorado Collaborations – Learnings from fellow Adaptive Organizations

Last year, Power To Be’s Head of Programs and Services, Pete Carson, and I were approached with an opportunity to visit a number of organizations in Colorado who operate in very similar ways to Power To Be, with the intention to learn, share, and collaborate. Over three nights and two days at the beginning of November 2022, we were able to visit three organizations and one State Park, starting high in the Rocky Mountains.

Helicopter Adventure on the West Coast

On October 4, 2022, I took a world-class helicopter sightseeing trip around Southern Vancouver Island. The helicopter tour was arranged by Tim Cormode, Founder of Power To Be and now-CEO of Power To Give. Taking in panoramic views of local Victoria landmarks, travelling over Sooke Potholes and along the Greater Victoria Water Supply area, we connected as a family, colleagues, and new friends.
Practice Programs Purpose

Inclusive Adventures: Connections and shared experiences

At Power To Be, we want to help our participants build skills and create positive outdoor experiences by removing barriers to nature. We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs to accommodate as many of our community’s needs as possible. The Inclusive Adventures stream is designed for folks who are keen to learn and grow through outdoor adventures.

Making our community feel at home with inclusive infrastructure

At Power To Be, we want everyone to feel included. We are proud of the adaptive and inclusive approach we use in our programming, so when the opportunity arose to build a new facility at our Prospect Lake site, we wanted to apply that same approach to our building design.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Kendal

From day one of meeting Kendal she brings you into her heart and mind with true authenticity and care. She has a drive, genuine interest, and incredible creativity in the work we do. Thank you Kendal for all that you are to Power To Be! 

Long Beach Lodge – A Partner in Paradise

Long Beach Lodge boasts a spectacular view, incredible amenities, and warm hospitality. Located steps away from Cox Bay beach, just outside Tofino, BC, Long Beach Lodge has become a valued and generous partner of Power To Be.