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Volunteer Spotlight: Elyse

This past summer, Power To Be welcomed Elyse Rutledge, a practicum student from Vancouver Island University’s Educational Assistant and Community Support Program. Inspired by high school experiences that demonstrated how leaders and nature can work together to nurture social connection and personal wellness, Elyse pursued a practicum at Power To Be to learn how she can make these kinds of outdoor experiences more accessible for everyone.
The People of Power To Be

Co-CEO Spotlight: Jason Cole

Throughout 2023 Power To Be marked its 25th year of empowering individuals through nature. With 15 years of dedicated service, Jason Cole led as Director of Programs and has since taken the helm as Co-CEO, becoming on of the leaders steering this incredible journey to the next 25 years.

Fostering Restoration of Land and Self

After an incredible 12 weeks, it is bittersweet to see our Landscaping and Restoration Employment Program at Power To Be nearing graduation. This pilot project has empowered eight young adults who face various barriers to gain landscaping and restoration knowledge, job skills, and a sense of community.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole

Volunteers help us create a welcoming, safe, and supportive learning environment for participants to build positive relationships, learn about self-care, and push out their comfort zones through dynamic nature-based programming. Today, we’d like to express our deep appreciation for Nicole Gaul, a program volunteer who continues to make a tremendous difference in the lives of Wilderness School participants.

Whistler Teen Adventure with BC Children’s Hospital

This past July saw Power To Be travelling up to Whistler with BC Children’s Hospital, where we had an absolute blast exploring lots of wild spaces. While our time in Whistler was punctuated by moments of exhilaration, wonder, and adventure, the teens collectively agreed that their favourite part was the time spent with each other.  

Power To Be’s Quarterly Impact Report – Q3 2023

We are so excited to be celebrating Power To Be’s 25th year: what a journey it has been! Thank you to everyone who has participated in or created the numerous opportunities to bring our community together to enjoy the benefits and beauty of nature. As we transition into the autumn months, we are taking the opportunity to look towards the future, which looks brighter than ever.
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Adam

In Adam's own words, "be a human being, not a human doing" has become his guiding philosophy. Nature has a unique way of reconnecting us to our natural roots, and Power To Be plays a significant role in helping people of all abilities realize this. Through outdoor experiences and the tight-knit community Adam has found, he is helping Power To Be prove that with a little support and a lot of adventure, everyone can thrive.