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Creating a Living Building at Prospect Lake

At Power To Be, we believe everyone belongs in nature, without barriers and without limitations. We are thrilled with the progress being made on our new Prospect Lake build, which will provide a permanent home for our participants, volunteers, and staff to thrive in an accessible and welcoming environment.

Program Outcome: Social Skills

At Power To Be, one of our Theory of Change program outcomes is “Social Skills”. This acknowledges the importance of creating space and opportunity through our programs for participants, staff and volunteers to connect with each other. We strive to have a safe space that allows folks to practice social interactions, learn, teach, grow and develop healthy relationships.

Partners Fostering Para-athletes

As the hype continues after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this is the time to enjoy the strength and ability of the Paralympic athletes. Locally in BC we have some phenomenal organizations who work with Para- athletes year round. Through coaching one on one to fostering groups of athletes these organizations become part of the fabric of the athletes’ lives and a part of their community.
The People of Power To Be


What can I say about Ashleigh that hasn’t already been said? Well in a word… Wow! Ashleigh’s unwavering commitment to the team, volunteers, participants and the entire Power To Be community is incredible!

Program Outcome: Environmental Literacy

At Power To Be we often refer to nature as a “co-facilitator” to our programs. The natural environment we explore provides not only the setting, but the lessons, the adventure, the playfulness, and the space to heal or ground ourselves.

Working With Purpose

Who doesn’t love spending the morning in a forest? Especially with a group of inspiring people working towards a common goal! This was my experience at my 1st  Power To Be  work party!

Stargazers Delight

Are you looking for an easy, accessible, and fun-filled activity? Nature is providing us with a free show this week.  Stargazers are in for a treat this week as the Perseid meteor shower is expected to dazzle the night’s sky.
Go Explore

Go Explore: The Beach at Low Tide

Pick a beach, any beach, and see what there is to discover during low tide. There is always something to find wonderful. For me, the negative tides Victoria experiences in our spring and summer months is an event I look forward to every year.
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Chris

If you’ve been on a Power To Be program in Vancouver over the past three years, there’s a good chance you have had the pleasure of hanging out with this month’s participant spotlight, Chris. Chris got his start with Power To Be as he was looking for something to get him moving and into the outdoors.

From the Sea to the Sky

Power To Be’s partnership model centers on engaging other sectors and industries, including tourism partners such as the Sea To Sky Gondola. When we first met the amazing team at the Gondola, we were taking our participants to their site and their staff were so excited to meet us and welcomed us with true authenticity.