Working in synergy can have tremendous power and benefits that extend into many spectrums of connection. When we work with others, we become stronger and are able to represent wider audiences and perspectives. One person or organization cannot create belonging and connection in isolation. To get to the true root of impact, Power To Be partners with others. We partner to meet emerging needs, to share resources, to exchange knowledge, and to form relationships that grow and evolve over time.

Over the last two years, we have worked closely with organizations in different sectors to steward the notion that everyone belongs in nature. We partnered with Parks Canada and BC Parks to work together on developing new skills, awareness, and a narrative to how to create access and inclusion in natural spaces. To offer a wider breadth of knowledge and skill set we worked side by side with the Canuck Autism Network.

This year we invited our friends from The Intercultural Society of Greater Victoria to join our event. During this event, five organizations from different sectors brought to life a virtual workshop that shared philosophies, approaches, lived experiences, and concepts that can support more people to access our parks and Parks Canada Learn To Camp programs.

When asked about what the event meant to her, Claire DeLong of Learn To Camp responded, “I think I can safely say everyone involved in this collaboration found their way to this line of work through a spark ignited in nature. I feel a wonderful energy amongst all involved in creating a safe space for others to have their own spark fueled by a special moment in the natural world. By building capacity and awareness of the many unique challenges faced in accessing nature, we better empower outdoor leaders to find ways to creatively troubleshoot and overcome these obstacles to create more inclusive spaces.”

All of us believe in the power that nature has on the self and the wider community, and all of us believe that more people should experience the essence of nature’s wonderment. As Taylor of Canuck Autism Network states, “nature matters because it’s a place you can be yourself. It’s a safe space where there is no judgment and so many wonderful benefits”. We all have our “why” as to what connects us to natural spaces. By working in collaboration, we turn the “why’s” into stories, experiences, and knowledge that ripples and grows with intention. Thank you to our partners who we work closely with to create connection, alter perspectives, and perpetuate positive change.

This blog was written by Carinna, Power To Be‘s Director of Programs and Impact. Combining her love of wilderness and ocean with a passion to support people living with cognitive, emotional, neurological and complex needs, she has embedded her knowledge and years of experience to create profound connection and transformations through nature at Power To Be.