Community means many things, each unique as the individual who interprets it. Perhaps it means a home – somewhere you feel safe to let down your walls and rest comfortably. Perhaps it means strength – something that helps the load you carry seem a bit lighter. Perhaps it means peace – a space in which you can let the noise of the rest of the world fade away.

For me, community at Power To Be means a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms – it’s that unique place you search for that feels like coming home. It has been a place to grow, explore, connect, and welcome into my life people who have changed me forever. When I look at the life I want to live, inclusion is at the very centre of that. With Power To Be I know the work I do is always pushing that forward and creating a space where all belong. Connection and community are powerful tools in this world and they are harnessed here with grace and love.

Power To Be exists beyond the four walls of any given building, beyond the structure of a day hike, beyond the flurry of activity at Power To Play. It exists in every person who supports, participates, works, volunteers, advocates for, and champions Power To Be. We are a community of people who spread the message of Everyone Belongs In Nature beyond what we schedule into our calendars. From participants to donors, the essence of Power To Be is the community who creates and lives it. In the physical communities in which we operate, in the community of the field we do this work in, in the community of individuals who see the strength of every person finding that they truly belong in nature, we are a thread of community throughout. There is room on this thread for all and we are grateful for every person who joins us in weaving this beautiful community that stands for nothing less than absolute belonging.

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This blog was written by Jen Read, Power To Be’s Program Support Specialist. Always confident that there’s a way to make something work and driven by a belief in the strong power of community, Jen is passionate about inclusivity, relationship building, and the transformative power of being willing to look silly.