Power to Be is a finalist for the Nature Inspiration Award

Power To Be is being recognized nationally for growing future nature ambassadors while providing access to inclusive adventures for those living with a barrier or disability.

The Nature Inspiration Awards, presented by the Canadian Museum of Nature, recognizes efforts to inspire knowledge, exploration and respect for the natural world. This awards program celebrates the work individuals and organizations do in encouraging Canadians to be connected and interested in nature while ensuring the preservation of nature.

A finalist in the small to medium non-profit category, Power To Be shares the honour with ALUS Canada, Arctic Eider Society, GREMM, and Nature Canada. See the full finalist list.

Both finalists and winners of the Nature Inspiration Award get national recognition and visibility on their platform. Through this, Power to Be is being recognized for its efforts in creating opportunities to bridge barriers for individuals to access the nature through inclusive adventures who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on Nov. 8. 2017, held at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario.

See the official news release.