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Family connection forged in the waves

For Scott Heron, the only thing better than catching a wave was watching his daughter catch her own. “Surfing is absolutely exhilarating. That excitement and rush as you catch a wave. It lifts you up and you almost feel a sense of weightlessness as you speed down the wave,” he says. “The only feeling that matches it was being able to … see my daughter stand up and catch her first wave.”

Finding balance in nature

The reflection of sun on water catches my eye, distracting me from the sneaky ambush headed my way. I spin my head around and I’m immediately drenched with a spray of water from the splash of a paddle as laughter echoes across the lake.

Celebrating survivorship

Brought together by a common thread, their journey had begun many years ago. They are survivors and Power to Be was lucky enough to organize a trip for eight amazing youth through the Teen Adventures – A Spirit Quest program supported by Balding for Dollars and the Oncology/Hematology/BMT Program at BC Children’s Hospital.
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